Hydroserve was established in 2000 and specialises in the supply and treatment of borehole and spring water for Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Domestic purposes.

From our bases in Halifax (West Yorkshire), Settle (North Yorkshire) and Newcastle upon Tyne, we provide a professional, reliable and responsive service to our customers throughout the North of England.

Hydroserve understand how critical it is to provide and maintain a constant and efficient supply of clean, wholesome water to our customers, wherever they are.

Whether a dairy farm, a mineral water bottling plant, a snack food factory or a domestic property, our customers rely on their water supply and, in turn, they rely on us.

They depend on our experienced and skilled engineers, on our expertly designed and installed private water supplies, on the high quality products and components we install, and on our efficient service, maintenance and emergency response cover. They depend on us, and you can depend on us, too.

A safe, efficient and continuous supply of water is an integral part of any home, farm or business. As a company Hydroserve is fully focused on providing, servicing and maintaining water supplies for our customers. Water is what we do, Water is our Business.

Water is our Business


Borehole Water Supplies

Hydroserve specialise in the construction, service and maintenance of Borehole Water Supplies. From domestic properties to Dairy Farms, Mineral water bottling plants to Garden Centres, we install boreholes that provide abundant supplies of excellent quality water to our customers.

From first contact, Hydroserve take care of everything from site survey, construction of borehole, installation of pumping and filtration systems and water analysis.

We do it all, to provide our customers with a reliable supply of clean water, pure and natural.

A Borehole water supply installed by Hydroserve is a fantastic asset to any Business, Farm or property. Contact Hydroserve to arrange your site survey. The normal process following enquiry is:

Site Survey
Borehole construction
Water analysis
Installation of Pumping system and (where necessary) water treatment
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Water Treatment

Due to concentrations of naturally occurring organics such as Iron and Manganese, many private water supplies require specialist treatment in order to ensure they are within specifications set by the Private Water Supply Regulations.

Hydroserve supply, install, service and maintain a comprehensive range of systems to treat and protect private water supplies and ensure our customers water is clean, wholesome and compliant with regulations.

Typically, water quality is assessed through a laboratory analysis. We will then advise customers what treatment (if any) is required and ensure it is best suited to their requirements.

Following on from installation of water treatment equipment Hydroserve can provide service and maintenance agreements to meet customer requirements and ensure reliable and continuous operation of their water supply.

Water treatment systems we supply, install and service include:

Ultra Violet Purification
Iron and Manganese Removal
Nitrates and Ammoniacal Nitrogen Removal
Water Softening
Reverse Osmosis
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Risk Assessment Compliance

In 2010, Risk Assessment was introduced as part of the amended Private Water Supply Regulations. These assessments are carried out by Local Authorities as a means of auditing Private Water Supplies to ascertain their suitability for use.

Hydroserve work with Landowners and their agents to ensure the criteria set by the Local Authority in their Risk Assessment is met and ensure compliance with the Private Water Supply Regulations.

Hydroserve can carry out all elements of works to Private Water Supplies, whether Remedial measures at the source of supply such as tank cleaning, fence and netting erection, infrastructure refurbishments such as new tanks and pipelines, or point of use filtration and purification

On Private Water Supply Risk Assessment Compliance, we do it all:

Site Surveys/Risk Assessment analysis
Chamber, tank and pipeline refurbishment
Chlorination, disinfection and rehabilitation of private water supplies
Water Treatment
Provision of Water Safety/Action Plans and Operation & Maintenance manuals.
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Service and Maintenance

The Service and Maintenance of Private Water Supplies (whether Borehole or Spring source) is crucial to ensuring a continuous supply of clean, wholesome water.

Hydroserve provide a comprehensive range of Service and Maintenance schedules to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Our Service and Maintenance schedules are backed-up by our Technical Support and Emergency Response team.

We service, maintain and respond accordingly to ensure our customers water supplies operate safely, efficiently and with minimal disruption.

Summary of Service and Maintenance:

Service and Maintenance of Pumps, filtration and purification equipment
Service and maintenance of borehole and spring supplies and their infrastructure
Water analysis
Site specific water quality monitoring through analytical reports and on-site testing
Service and maintenance schedules and agreements designed specially for the customer
Emergency Call out and Breakdown Covers available
Specialist spares stocked for Emergency call outs and Service back-up
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